The Central Aroostook Kennel Club

The Central Aroostook Kennel Club is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that promotes all dog sports and encourages sound and responsible breeding. 

The club sponsored classes are now 100% positive reinforcement training. (aka clicker training)

In the Spring & Fall the club offers a Canine Good Manners class, which includes introduction to clicker training, teaches handlers how to communicate with their dogs, and teaches the dogs basic manners.

From time to time the club brings in experts from around New England for seminars and workshops on topics such as canine nutrition, canine behavior, agility, Ttouch, clicker training, and Bach Flower Essence.

The club hosts fun matches, agility play dates, and also hosts a Canine Good Manners class each Spring and Fall.

Our members are involved in a number of canine activities, such as, agility, breeding, hunting, rescue, therapy, obedience, rally O, tracking, and skijoring.

The most important benefit of being a member is LEARNING.  It is an opportunity to participate in club sponsored events and education on topics you are interested in.  It's a chance to get involved in many canine activities.  It's sharing an interest with others who enjoy spending time with their dogs.  It's a chance to help others in the community to learn and have a better relationship with their canine friends.

Anyone who loves dogs, is hungry for knowledge, wants to become a better dog owner, and is willing to assist the club, is welcome. Members are expected to support the club's Code of Ethics and to support and promote responsible breeding.

Our members range from pet owners to serious breeders and competitors.  The one thing we all have in common is a love of dogs and the desire to have a great relationship with our dogs.

We are NOT an animal shelter or rescue organization.  While we do support these efforts, we primarily focus on activities people do with their dogs.

We normally meet monthly in Presque Isle at the Grants Memorial Church on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.  We usually begin each meeting with a small educational program followed by regular club business.  Visitors are welcome, but we do recommend you check with Kathy Hoppe   or another club member to be sure the meeting has not been moved.  Membership is not a requirement to attend a meeting.  Please come join us!!

To apply for membership click here to download application
Click on the following to read our By-LawsConstitution and Code of Ethics.

Club Officials

Board of Directors 2017

President-Kathy Hoppe
Vice-President-Jane Sutherland
Secretary-Carrie Linthicum
Treasurer-Leslie Gardiner
Publicity-Jean Morin
Website-Kristi Blanchette


Dotty Dudley
Jean Morin

Ann Rairdon-Federation of Maine Dog Club Rep.
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