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Canine Good Manners Class

This is an entry level class for all of our classes.

Think of this as “Learning to Live with Humans 101”.  Our goal in this class is to teach the handler how to communicate with their dog so that they can teach their dog acceptable living with people behaviors such as sit, down, walking nicely on a leash.

This is an operant/clicker based training class.  Clicker training is one of the fastest and most successful training techniques that can be used on any animal.  It is based in science but is also an art.

Canine Good Manners is offered twice a year, spring and fall.  It is held at SAD#1 (Presque Isle Adult Education Facility).  We pride ourselves in a quality class with lots of individual attention and a low teacher to student ration.  Therefore these classes fill fast and there is often a waiting list.  The price for this class is $70.

Aggressive dogs will not be accepted into group classes, but will be referred for private instruction.

Classes are held in the Spring and in the Fall.  Classes fill up quickly so if you are interested go to

Next Class begins April 11, 2018. Wednesday nights for 6 weeks. Cost is $70 and classes are held at SAD#1 Presque Isle Adult Education Facility.

***Please submit registration form below to register for class***

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Therapy Dogs

The goal of therapy dogs is to help owners use their dogs for therapy work in various places such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools, as well as work with the mentally and physically handicapped.  Their objective is to form a network of caring individuals who are willing to share their special animals in order to bring happiness and cheer to people who need something to hold and love.  Pet visits often trigger memories of animals they used to own.  The regular visits also give nursing home residents something to look forward to.  Dogs have been effective in reaching adults and children who have withdrawn from the world.  All dogs, purebred and mixed breeds are used.





"All dogs" are welcome to compete in ASCA, CPE , USDAA , NADAC , AND UKC styles of agility, whereas " AKC agility " is restricted to dogs registered with the American Kennel Club .

At this time the club does not offer agility classes.









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