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"Should I Breed My Dog"  read more on the AKC's Website

Breeders Code of Ethics

  1. To maintain good standards of health and care in my kennels.
  2. To refuse to sell to wholesalers or retailers, not to sell to any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for.
  3. To keep and pass on to the buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding registration and pedigree records.  Papers may be withheld or breeders' rights retained only by mutual agreement in writing.
  4. To clearly state, in writing, for the buyer of a puppy or adult dog whether dog is of show or pet quality.
  5. To urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog, sold by me, examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt.  Said examination to be paid for by buyer as previously agreed.
  6. To deliver or ship only puppies or adult dogs of sound health and temperament.  Where the buyer or his authorized representative did not personally see and choose the puppy or adult dog shipped by me, a period of 24 hours is granted to advise of the final decision and an additional 24 hours is provided if the dog is to be returned.
  7. To use a sales contract or written agreement to cover any sale or purchase involving a dog, with a signed copy to each party involved.  A 4-generation pedigree must be given by the seller to the buyer at time of sale.  The buyer should be informed that a certified pedigree may be obtained from the registration body, for a fee.
  8. To refuse stud service to any bitch I consider of poor quality, poor temperament or in poor health.  At the time of breeding an exchange of pedigrees must be made along with a written stud service contract with signed copy going to each party.
  9. To allow one repeat stud service where a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my studs, if the stud is in good health and available, and at such a time and place as mutually agreed by the owner of the bitch and myself.
  10. To educate all buyers on the importance of spay and neutering of pets and to require all dogs sold solely as pets to be spayed or neutered and/or sold with non-breeding papers.
  11. To abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Federation and by the rules of the American Kennel Club and/or its own governing body.

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